Dental Fillings

The Filling Prevents the Need For a Root Canal and Total Extraction of the Tooth in Question

What’s a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are used to replace decay that is found within a tooth. The filling is made out of a tooth-colored composite resin and can last for many years once hardened into place. Fillings help to retain the strength and integrity of a tooth that has become decayed. The filling prevents the need for a root canal and total extraction of the tooth in question.

Why is a Dental Filling Necessary?

You will need to have a filling placed if you have a cavity. The cavity is a small area of decay that is in the tooth. Over time, this decay will continue to grow and infect the tooth, requiring a complete root canal. If the decay is ignored further, extraction of the tooth may be necessary. Fillings are simple procedures that require local anesthesia and can be beneficial to both pediatric and adult patients.

What Makes You Eligible for a Dental Filling?

To determine if you’ll need a filling placed, you’ll have an exam done by Dr. Nicolette. Most fillings can be detected during a routine exam, but x-rays may be necessary to find hidden cavities. If it’s found that you have one or more cavities, we’ll schedule you to come in for fillings. The procedure takes about a half an hour in our office, but this could take longer if multiple fillings are placed at the same time.

What Can Be Expected During the Procedure to Place a Dental Filling?

The first step is numbing the area to make the filling procedure comfortable for you. The decay in the tooth is removed using a slow speed drill. The hole is prepped for the filling material by being cleaned and dried. The composite is placed into the hole and carefully smoothed into place. Excess composite is removed before the material is hardened with a bright curing light. The process is easy and you can expect your new tooth-colored filling to last for many years.

If you think you might need to have a dental filling placed or want to learn more about this procedure, call our office and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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